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Western Ghats recorded five species monkeys including a subspecies of langur, and one species from Lemur. The monkeys are of Macaque and Langur. One species of Macaque and one species of langur are endemic to Western Ghats. The Primate safari is a wildlife special tour to Anamalais of Western Ghats , which harbours all those species. Track them by walk and vehicle, overnight in plantation bungalows or jungle camp amidst wildlife. This tour plan can be custom private itinerary as per request.


Nilgiri Langur

A memebr of vergreen ans Shola| Endemic to Western Ghats |

Nilgiri langur belonged to Cercopithecidae family . Trachypithecus johnii is its scientific name . It is considered as a colobine monkey . They are living in troops mostly as uni-male. are arboreal and diurnal. Nilgiri langurs are primarily folivorous, and prefer young leaves and buds. Their preferred habitats are tropical wet evergreen and Shola of high mountains. Nilgiri langur has thick glossy black pelage. The crown , nape and whiskers are pale reddish brown , sometimes grizzled. It has very long tail, almost equals the size of its body. They are listed as threatened in IUCN Red data list . Nilgiri Langur is commonly sighted in rainforests and sholas of Anmalais, Cardomom Hills and Nilgiris.


Tufted Grey langur

Tufted Grey langur , a sub-species endemic to South India | Common Langur

Common Langur is also called Hanuman Langur. It belonged to Cercopithecidae, and also considered as long nosed. The most widespread langurs of the Indian Subcontinent, common langur has a sub species restricted to the leeward of South Western Ghats and Sri Lanka. Both the species can be seen in Anamalais of Western Ghats. The tufted Grey langur has long and pointed tuft.


Bonnet Macaque

Common in South India | A relative of Rhesus Macaque|

Bonnet Macaque also called common macaque is endemic to Southern India. Bonnet macaques have a flurry tuft of hair radiating from the centre of the head. This monkeies are grayish brown or golden brown in color. They have hairless face. Its competent in the north is the Rhesus macaque. Bonnect macaque is very common in forest areas and tourist areas near to forest. They are scavengers and very much adaptive to habitat. They forage on human food refusal , cereals, fruits , nuts, small animals etc .


Lion Tailed Macaque

Most Endangered Monkey| Endemic to evergreen forest of Western Ghats

Lion Tailed Macaque the most endangered monkey in India. It is endemic to Western Ghats. They are also called ‘Wanderoo’ or Indian baboon, but very silent and peaceful monkey. They are very vulnerable to predators and hunting. It has thick dark black coat. The most outstanding feature is its silver white mane . The tail is short, with a tuft at the tip that is similar to a lion's tail. The species if very much discussed in history, murals, and ancient travelogues. It is usually living in high canopy of rainforest. Its association with a particular species of tree (culinia) will help to track them during fruit season. Certain areas Anamalai Tiger reserve give excellent sighing of this monkeys.


slender loris

Endangered |Nuctornal |

This is the only species belonged to Lorisidae family, in South India. It is very small and difficult to spot them in thick forest . They are very much arboreal, and spend most of its life in trees. though distributed in most forests of Western Ghats , it is difficult to see them in the wild. During mating season we can hear its plaintive call at night. The dry forest of leeward is the ideal habitat to see them in wild.


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