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Parambikulam - Wildlife Sanctuary and Tiger Reserve

Parambikulam has rich and varied type of flora and fauna. The diversity of forest types offers an ideal habitat for both herbivores and carnivores. About 39 species of mammals, 280 species of birds, 61 species of reptiles , 47 species of fishes and enumerable number of butterflies and insects are sharing this eco system. The oldest teak tree - Kannimara - is living in this forest. The Sanctuary offers limited tourism activities like short hiking, Safari tent camping, vehicle (not open) ride through the road, bamboo rafting, Island camping , tree house camp etc. There is no direct access from Kerala to Parambikulam. The access road is through Anamalai Tiger Reserve of Tamil Nadu. We package tour to Parambikulam clubbing Anamalai Tiger reserve



Wildlife and Birds

The sanctuary is located in Kerala State,but contiguous with Indira Gandhi wildlife sanctuary, and Sholayar natural forests.The average elevation is 600 MSL with highest peak of 1444 MSL .The mean average rain fall is 2590mm.. The forest types are-Wet evergreen forest semi evergreen forests, and moist deciduous forests to dry deciduous forests and grasslands. Interspersed with teak plantations, there are numerous low-lying marshy lands and grasslands. Mammals: The sanctuary harbors 28 species of large and medium sized mammals. Bonnet macaque, lion tailed macaque, Nilgiri langur, loris, tiger, leopard, jungle cat, civet, mongoose, fox, bear, elephant, gaur, Nilgiri tahr, spotted deer, sambar, barking deer, wild boar; pangolin etc. Reptiles: The reservoir and the major rivers have crocodiles, varanus, pond terrapin, cane turtle, gecko skink, chameleon, snakes such as king cobra, spectacled cobra, krait, viper, python, green keel back, rat snake, vine snake etc. Fishes:- Aral, bral, vattudi, thilopia, noori, mooshu, poochutti, kollotty, exyprius, taral etc. Birds: 168 species of birds are reported from the area. It is the best place to see Great Indian Pied Horn bills in South Western Ghats.


jeep safari in mazinagudi

The tent camps in PTR will be available for overnight camping. It is located in Park administration area. Since the park is closed after 6pm there is no disturbance of vehicles. The area is a good grazing ground and attracts a number of herbivorous animals, and some times big cats at night. The tent has a capacity for 2 persons accommodation.


Jungle camping in Mazinagudi

There are two tree huts in the edge of a big water sheet. The tree house has bed room, toilet and sit-out. Apart from this tree houses there are two tree huts or Machan in the an Island in the middle of dam. Both these camping provides ample scope for wildlife sighting.

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The huge water sheet of Parambikulam is an amazing world of pristine waters. In this blue waters camping is allowed in huts constructed for observation, offers excellent adventure. The tourists will be transferred in bamboo raft, by the indigenous people.

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wildlife photography in Mazinagudi

We offer tour packages to Parambikulam from Cochin and Munnar. The package has different options of overnight stay in forest in tent/Islandcamp/Treehouse . We also provide day visit to the sanctuary and overnight in homestays and farmstays in the fringes of Anamalai Tiger Reserve. A combination tour to Parambikulam with Anamalai Tiger Reserve makes the complete tour to this forest. Since both the reserves shares the same forest , it is advisable to do both to get good chances of sighting.

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