The Birdlife International identified Western Ghats as one of Endemic Bird Area (EBA) because of the presents of certain restricted range species. This identification pointed the importance of bird life of this mountain range. The EBA are identified for habitat based conservation. The EBA consists of 66 Important Bird Area (IBA) sites extend along the Ghats comprising Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Goa and Maharashtra. It is about 508 species of birds reported from Western Ghats and Malabar Coast. The number of restricted range species is 16 (BLI statistics). Certain Ornithologists have split few species of birds and opined that the western ghats possess 21 species of endemic birds.The bird life of Western Ghats includes many endangered and critically endangered species like Nilgiri Woodpigeon, Yellow-throated Bulbul, broad tailed grass bird, White rumped vulture etc .


Western Ghats Birding

Bird Life International (BLI) identified 66 sites in Western Ghats as Important Bird Area. It also recommended this bio-diversity hotspot as Endemic Birds Area.

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Kerala Birding Tour

Bird Life International identified 20 IBAs in Kerala, which harbours all restricted species of Western Ghats in varied habitat.

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South India Birding

South India birding tour offers guided birding in important birding areas in Tamilnadu, Kerala and Karnataka. The tour starts at Chennai and ends at Bangalore.


Endemic and Target Birding

Keen endemic birding tour for restricted species.

Bird watching

Bird Watching in Thattekad

Guided endemic and target birding and photography tours in Thattekad Birds Sanctuary.


Birding in Munnar

Guided birding tour to Sholas, Grassland
and patch forest of Munnar.

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Birding in Chinnar

Birding trips to dry forests, decidious forests
and riparian forest of Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary.

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Birding in Nilgiri Biosphere

One of the hottest bio-diversity area on earth, the Nilgiri biosphere has the largest concentration of forests and wetland birds

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Birds Photography Tour

Guided photography tours in Important Bird Areas.