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History of Kerala can be traced back to ancient past. It is contemporary of many of ancient cultures like Indus valley, Phoenician and Roman cultures. Kerala possess one of the biggest corpuses of Megaliths in India with varied typology. The Umbrella stone monument is a unique typology in Megaliths. Kerala also possess good number of Rock Arts. The Edackal cave of Kerala is the largest petroglyph site in Asia. The petrographs (cave paintings) of Marayur region in Idukki is the second largest rock art corpus in South India. Excavations in Pattanam and adjourned sites show that West Coast of the state was the hub of ancient sea trade route. Apart from pre-historic sites, historic sites of Fort Cochin, Trivandrum, North Malabar, etc possess cultural monuments like Forts, Palaces, graveyards, temples etc. Hence Kerala is an integral part in the history of Jews, Islam and Christianity , the state claimed international importance. The state has 36 tribal groups with 3 different anthropological origins. We offer expert guided customized archaeological tours as per the requisites and specialization of the guest.


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We offer a combination tour with Cave arts, Dolmen of different types, Hero stones, Menhir, Megalithic temples and sacred groves, excavated sites, meeting with eminent archaeologists etc. It covers major rock arts sites in Kerala including Edackal, Thovari and Veliyambum Petroglyph sites , Marayur-Chinnar petrography caves, Marayur Dolmen sites, Bison Valley rock alignments and dolmen, West coast ‘Umberla stone and sarcophagus sites. The tour can be clubbed with major ecotourism destinations, ritual dances and practices, village tour etc. The tours are guided by an expert in pre-history of Kerala.



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There are 36 scheduled tribes in Kerala. Most of them are living in the hills and forests of Western Ghats. They belong to 3 anthropological groups, with many ethnic communities. Their cultures are diverse and rich in rituals, folk dances and stories, practices etc.

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We offer study tour among different ethnic communities under the guidance of people belongs to each communities. The tour is an experience by interacting, participating and communicating way to understand their cultural history.


The combination of the tour is based on the requisites and preferences of the guests. All participants should follow the essential principle of ecotourism. They should respect the worship places, individuals and their culture.