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Anamalai is a biodiversity hotspot in South Western Ghats. It consists of more than 3000 sqs of protected forests with great diversity and two hill stations. Anamalais is the mountain ranges south of Palakkad Gap, one of the major breaks in Western Ghats. Anamalai has the highest elevation in all of South India. Anamudi the highest peak (2694MSL) in South India is located in these ranges. Anamalai Tiger Reserve, Parambikulam Tiger Reserve, Eravikulam National Park, Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary , Grasshills National Park, Chimmony Wildlife Sanctuary, Sholayar rainforest reserve and Athirapilly waterfalls, Shola National Parks etc are the protected reserves with national importance. It is the largest habitat of Nilgiri Tahr, Nilgir Langur, Nilgiri Marten, Brown Mongoose, Grizzled giant squirrel etc other than home for Lion Tailed Macaque, Tiger, leopard (including Black Panther), sloth bear, wild gaur etc. It harbours more than 327 species of birds including Western Ghats endemics.


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Munnar is the highest city in the state famous for its tea and spice plantations, High altitude forests, National parks etc. It is a natural wonder with millions of year’s natural history, prehistoric human settlements, undulated high mountains and rolling grass hills of westward and gorges, plateaus, savannah forest and Neolithic settlements of leeward. The high altitude rainforest or Southern Hilltop forest, popularly known as sky Islands are worth to explore for a nature lover. The very first day a comfortable jungle camp will be provided in a Shola National Park with short hike through this protected forest. The forests and grassland biomes hold high endemism of flora and fauna. Aftter wa walking safari the second day will be allotted to explore habitat of Nilgiri Tahr, tea processing , etc before settling in a sandal wood forest area in the leeward. A hike through the ethnic village to explore its culture, farms, and megaliths . Accommodation will be in a comfortable home stay.


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Chinnar Wildlife sanctuary, laying under the rain shadow of Anamalais sharing its flora and fauna with Anamalai Tiger Reserve. The forest type is Tropical dry deciduous and open scrub with riparian evergreen patches. It is an elephant’s kingdom with 37 other species of mammals. The sanctuary offers the best walking safari in South with exclusive camping inside wildlife zone. It is an amazing experience with a team of English speaking guide and nature guards from local tribes, specially designed for FITs. Two nights are allotted to explore the east and west ranges of the sanctuary to explore its wildlife, prehistoric cave arts etc. It is home for many endangered and endemic species of mammals, reptiles and birds like grizzled giant squirrel, starred tortoise, white gaur, yellow throated bulbul etc. The camps are rugged log cabins setup in wildlife zone.The leisure travel category can choose luxury accommodation near the sanctuary and do day long walking safari.


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Anamalais is the mountain ranges north of Munnar with steep leeward slopes and evergreen forest tracts if westward hills. The Anamalaia Tiger reserve holds five types of natural forest from Tropical wet evergreen to tropical dry arid, providing habitats for high diversity of plants, animals and birds. This tour provides 3 days in 3 different hostspot of this reserve facilitating to see various species of animals, birds and scenic wonders. Anamalai is the highest area of Western Ghats, south of Palakkad Gap facing the Nilgiris in the North. The forest provides tourism facilities like multiple days walking safari, jungle camping, nature walks, birding trails, visit to Neolithic cave arts and megaliths etc . Anamalai is considered as an ethnological museum for foraging communities. Many British scholars were studied the flora, fauna and ethnology of Anamalais and adjourning Palani Hill tracts. Anamalais is home for 47 species of mammals including endemic and endangered species of mammals like Lion Tailed Macaque, Nilgiri langur, Nilgiri tahr, Malabar civet, Travancore palm civet, Travancore hedgehog, Nilgiri Marten etc. Apart from mammals it is also a hotspot for reptiles, amphibians and birds. It is one of the largest habitat of Asiatic Elephants and wild gaur on earth.One or two nights stay is allotted in Anamalai Tiger reserve for walking safari in evergreen and moist deciduous forest area. For explorer trip jungle camp inside the forest and comfortable farm stay outside the sanctuary for leisure travel respectively will be arranged.


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Valparai is a less crowded tourist area located in the south –east edge of Palakkad gap . It is surrounded by Anamalai Tiger reserve, Grassland National Park and Sholayar rainforest reserve. The city is very small . The surrounding tea and coffee plantations provide plantation bungalows for accommodation. Plenty of wildlife is around this hill station including Lion tailed Macaque , most endangered monkey in India. It is endemic to Western Ghats. Valparai is also famous for its panther population living amidst tea fields apart from Nilgiri Tahr and sloth bear. The high peaks of the area are reaches up to 2500MSL and its foothill is at 300MSL. The road from Anamalai to Valparai has the steepest Ghats section in South. One night stay is planned in this hill station on the way to Cochin. The plantation bungalows and the area around are good wildlife spots.


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Sholayar Rain Forest| Hornbill watach| Waterfalls visit| Riverside walk | River resort stay

Nilgiri Biosphere is the first biosphere reserve in India. It is a true representative of Western Ghats with its endemism and geographical wonder. It comprise of Silent Valley National Park, Wayanad Wildlife sanctuary, Mudumalai Tiger Reserve, Mukurthi National park , Bandipur National Park , Nagarhole National Park etc with adjorned forests of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. It is the largest habitat of Asiatic elephants on earth, having high density of Bengal tiger, black panther, leopard etc . It is the largest single stretch of forest with minimum anthropogenic disturbances. It provides undisturbed migration trails between north and south of the reserves. Nilgiri has the largest number of ethnic groups like Toda, Kuruba, Cholanayka etc of varied anthropological origin. The tourism zones with good sighting of wildlife are Mudumalai, Wayanad, Bandipur and Kabini in Nagarhole National Park. Five days are allotted for the destination with walking trails, jeep safari, boat safari, jungle camping, birding etc.


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Athirapilly in Sholayar forest is on the way to Cochin from Valparai. The drive through wet evergreen or tropical rainforest is an amazing experience, before reaching to Athirapilly waterfalls – the largest waterfalls in Kerala. Athirapilly is also famous for its horn bill diversity and population. The forest harbours three species of hornbill – The Malabar pied horn bill, Malabar Grey hornbill and Great horn bill. Either you can finish the tour at Athirapily in day long visit or stay one night in a river resort to explore the hornbills and riparian forest. It is very near to Cochin airport (32kms) and 65kms away from Fort Cochin.


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And now, if your are interested, please download the tailor made itinerary. You can easily customize this with number of days, interested destination, category of accommodation and type of tour as explorer or leisure. The explorer tours is with rustic style of camps, adventurous walking safaris , out of box activities etc , where as the leisure tour provides comfortable and luxury accommodation , less strenuous walking tours, more jeep safaris . Please contact us for easy customization with number of persons, proposed month of visit, category of accommodation, type of tour requested etc

After Valparai you have option to skip stay in Athirapilly and return to Cochin after a visit to waterfalls. You can choose an option to finish the programme at Anamalai , if planning to proceed to Ootty , Mysore or Madurai. You will get connection train or flight from Coimbatore.